Issue 5-6, 2018

Issue 5-6, 2018



Thirteenth International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2018, 18-22 June, Varna, Bulgaria

Vol. 53. No 5-6/2018
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA





Special issue: Scientific papers from 13-th International Conference on Electron Beam Technologies – EBT 2018, Varna, BULGARIA
Preface by Corr. Member of BAS, Prof. DSc. G. Mladenov, Assoc. Prof. Elena Koleva, Bulgaria 103


Andrei P. Sliva, Aleksei L. Goncharov, Viktor K. Dragunov, Egor V. Terentyev
Technology of electron beam welding of pressure vessels made of steel 30KHGSA 105

Victor K. Dragunov, Andrey P. Sliva, Egor V. Terentyev, Alexey L. Goncharov, Artem Yu. Marchenkov, Maxim A. Portnov
EBW technology of combined bandage of high-speed electric machine rotor 112

Daniel Drimal, Frantisek Kolenic, Lubos Kovac
Mass production welding of die-cast aluminium alloys by electron beam 119

Petr Havlík, Jan Čupera, Jan Kouřil, Ivo Dlouhý, Rudolf Foret
Optimization of EB keyhole welding of aluminum to titanium alloy 125

Oleg N. Alyackrinskiy, Michail Yu. Kosachev, Pavel V. Logatchov, Aleksei M. Medvedev, Vadim A. Pavluchenko, Tatyana V. Rybitskaya, Yuri I. Semenov, Michail M. Sizov, Alexandr A. Starostenko, Aleksandr S. Tsyganovl
Experiments with EBW setup with possibility of right angle beam turn 132

Bernd Baufeld, Joshua Priest, Thomas Dutilleul
EBW of nuclear pressure vessel steels 136

Sofia del Pozo, Colin Ribton
Investigation of long-life cathode EB guns for welding of turbochargers 142

Mikhail M. Sizov, Alexandr A. Starostenko, Alexandr S. Tsygunov, Alexey M. Medvedev
Real time FPGA-based seam finder for EBW facility 145

Regina V. Rodyakina
The investigation of relationships between material’s structure, crystallography and mechanical properties for some construction materials on the base of samples with circular stress point 149

S. Plotnikov, R. Kimossov, A. Myakinin, A. Turlybekuly, N. Yerdybayeva
Model for heating stainless steel by an electron beam 155