Volume 53, Issue 1-2, 2018

Issue 1-2, 2018


Vol. 53. No 1-2/2018
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Marin Marinov
Smart sensor node for on-line particulate matter monitoring 1

Kiril Ivanov, Ivo Iliev, ...  read more

Innovation through Design Thinking, User Experience and Agile: Towards Cooperation Framework

In the present paper are discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the methodologies of Design Thinking, User Experience design and Agile аnd it is argued that their collaboration into practice is important as it leads to higher ...  read more

Multi-access edge service for application-initiated offload

The growth in services for smart devices, such as video, music, social networking, gaming and other interactive applications, that become ubiquitously penetrated, sets requirements for high bandwidth and low latency, which the traditional ...  read more

Study of the factors influencing power consumption of FPGA-based designs

The paper presents results from the study of power consumption of basic circuit designs on FPGA with different VHDL descriptions, different elaborated and synthesized structures and realized on different devices. The study is performed ...  read more

Current waveform analysis for arc control in electrosurgical devices

Current trends in electrosurgery include digital algorithms and methods to control the effect of delivered energy to the patient. Process control of the delivered radio frequency power is used for various tissue treatments. A control ...  read more

Design of axial rotary wireless energy transmitter

This article provides a review of the possible types of rotary wireless transmitter (RWT) constructions. It also presents a design methodology of transmitting and receiving coils for axial RWT, providing maximum energy efficiency with ...  read more

Plasma based sterilization using new multipoint ignition accessory

This article discusses the physical phenomenon of plasma and its basic principles. The processes of the plasma generation as well as the various particles that are produced with it are described. An overview of the effects of each generated ...  read more

Smart sensor node for on-line particulate matter monitoring

Increased concentration of particulate matter in big cities and agglomerations is one of the main risk factors for the health of the residents. Conventional systems for particulate matter (PM) monitoring have significant limitations, ...  read more