Volume 53, Issue 11-12, 2018

Issue 11-12, 2018


Vol. 53. No 11-12/2018
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Vikas Gakwad, Angel Tcolov, Ivan Yatchev
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Analysis of typical faults in the real grid of 22 kV Roha town feeder (India)

The fault analysis and evaluation of fault voltage and current in the power system network is very important for a stable and reliable operation of the power system. In the present paper, a study of various reasons for faults in a real ...  read more

Some features and opportunities for calibration of analyzers of electric power by total harmonic distortion

The possibility for evaluation of the quality of electrical energy for the purpose of calibration of analyzers is considered by using a periodic square-wave pulse signal instead of the traditionally used harmonic signals. The square-wave ...  read more

Hysteresis loss analysis of magnetic materials with data acquisition system

Magnetic materials are widespread in many fields of the electronics and electrical engineering. The most of them take place in the constructions of transformers, coil cores, electromagnets, measurement sensors etc. Thus, their parameters ...  read more

Overview of gyrator based Gm-C filters and their applications

This paper reviews gyrator based Gm-C filters and their characteristics. The most common gyrator based Gm-C filter architecture is described. Different types of gyrator biquad are presented as well as the properties ...  read more

In-flight sensor system for collecting flight information and providing flight safety of unmanned aerial system

In the last decade there has been a rapid development of unmanned aerial aviation and various solutions are sought for gathering information from difficult access points or in cases where there is a risk to operators and technology. ...  read more

A remote controlled system implementation for object video monitoring

In the current article a solution of the problem with information taking from difficult to reach and dangerous earth places is described. The robots will be very useful in this case. In the article hardware part researching and designing ...  read more

CBIR with dual tree complex wavelet transform using maximally flat all-pass filter

In the following paper linear-phase filters for Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform implementation based on all-pass filter synthesis with maximally flat characteristics is proposed. This transform is a part of already presented content-based ...  read more

Construction of a preliminary educational system for file backup system using secret sharing technique

Information-Technology Promotion Agency points out Ransomware as the second-ranked damage to organizations as well as individuals in “10 Major Security Threats 2017”. Information is stored in three data files separately by using ...  read more