Volume 50, Issue 5-6, 2015

Issue 5-6, 2015


Vol. 50. No 5-6/2015
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Ilonka T. Lilyanova
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Whitepaper: Employment, training and qualification needs of the European industry – a perspective from the joining sector

Europe is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Manufacturing is still a hallmark of Europe and an area of ample wealth generation and employment opportunities.

European manufacturing in an increasingly complex and competitive ...  read more

Implementing DSP-based algorithms in digital modulation tasks

The specific computational architecture of a Digital Signal Processor is the preferred candidate for solving various algorithmic subtasks related to high speed digital modulation. Utilizing a versatile modulator board interconnected ...  read more

A study on glare in a sports lighting environment using LED lighting and diffusion plates

Illumination sources have been rapidly shifting in recent years to light-emitting diodes (LED), which are capable of producing more than 10,000 cd/m2 at maximum luminance. This light intensity is far greater than conventional ...  read more

Experimental study of the contact resistance of crossed cylindrical reinforcing steel bars

In the paper experimental results for the contact resistance between two cross-pressed cylindrical bars of reinforcing steel bars are presented. The diameters of the investigated samples were from 6 to 10 mm. At a DC measurement current ...  read more

System for intelligent measuring, registering and control in electrical substation

Тhe paper presents novel idea for construction of intelligence systems for measurements, data collection and control in MV/LV substations. The technical solution is based on developed microprocessor control systems. The system include ...  read more

Derivation and analysis of ceramic materials based on BaTiO3 by using standard ceramic technology

Ceramic materials based on BaTiO3 have been derived by using a standard ceramic technology. Various quantities of H3BO3 and Bi3O3 have been added in order to lower the temperature ...  read more

Optimally designed energy efficient transformer using global iterative algorithms

The reduction of total losses for transformers is of great importance both from economic and environmental aspects. In the paper two optimization techniques, Global Search and Pattern Search, to minimize the total power losses of a ...  read more

Analytical approach for calculation of the electric field induced by an axisymmetric current exciter

In the paper is presented an analytical approach for calculation of the electric field induced by an axisymmetric current exciter. The region in which the field is determined may have an arbitrary shape. The approach is based on the ...  read more