Volume 52, Issue 5-6, 2017

Issue 5-6, 2017


Vol. 52. No 5-6/2017
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Emil Kovatchev, Georgi Mihov
Design and investigations on a high frequency resonant boost converter 1

Vencislav ...  read more

Ergonomic criteria for evaluating the quality of e-learning

The term “quality” is a wide-ranging concept for which each person or professional sector has its own definition. The most progressive quality point of view is that it is entirely determined by the customer or the end user and is ...  read more

Traffic investigation of priority services in IP networks

The paper presents an investigation of the quality of service of IP traffic flows, using different queueing disciplines. The main goal is to model the possibility of using a priority scheme, which is optimal for both the priority and ...  read more

Overview of frequency compensations in the CMOS operational amplifiers, Part one – The basics

An overview of several common used frequency compensations in the CMOS operational amplifiers is presented. The advantages and disadvantages for each of them are given based on mathematical analysis. Practical circuit examples are shown ...  read more

Practical approaches for reducing eddy current losses in transformer windings

The paper is focused on comparison of approaches for eddy current losses reduction in transformer windings. The study covers round wires and Litz wire designs. Design considerations are derived based on the advantages and disadvantages ...  read more

Design and investigations on a high frequency resonant boost converter

A practical design approach for a high-frequency resonant boost converter with zero-voltage switching (ZVS) technique is presented in this paper. The аdvantages of the soft resonant commutation have become more apparent with the trend ...  read more