Volume 51, Issue 7-8, 2016

Issue 7-8, 2016


Vol. 51. No 7-8/2016
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Seferin T. Mirtchev
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Advantages and applications of nanocrystalline magnetic materials

This paper presents current stage and future trends of magnetic properties, advantages and applications of nanocrystalline magnetic materials in electronics. The advanced magnetic properties of the material are discussed and compared ...  read more

A model of a three-phase disk type synchronous generator with rare earth magnets

This paper makes a study of a three-phase disk type synchronous 8 pair-pole generator with axial magnetic field and rare earth magnets. The generator consists of one rotor with sixteen rare earth magnets and two stators with twenty ...  read more

Study of combined heating and power generation as distributed energy resource

This paper presents a study on the possibilities for implementation of local cogeneration and trigeneration (heating, air-conditioning and electricity generation) as distributed energy resource. By the means of microturbine-based generators ...  read more

Autonomous management issues in Future Internet

Internet becomes more and more scalable infrastructure that steadies the social and economic life on the earth. This circumstance leads the need to develop new networks or to expand the old ones in way to meet user and device requirements. ...  read more

Overview of bulk acoustic wave technology and its applications

Abstract. During the last years Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) devices became compelling for frequencies above 1.5GHz, and demonstrated their competitive advantages compared to Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices for applications with up ...  read more

SCP-RPSC – the key technology in the next generation steerable lines for satellite communications

A retrospective review of the author research, dealing with possible applications of SCP-RPSC technology in the next generation steerable lines for satellite communications, is given in this report. The analysis shows that there is ...  read more

Generalized Erlang-B model in case of state-dependent arrival and departure processes

In this article, a generalization of the classic full availability multi-server loss system with generalized Poisson arrival process and generalized Bernoulli departure process is proposed. The generalized full availability loss system ...  read more