Volume 52, Issue 7-8, 2017

Issue 7-8, 2017


Vol. 52. No 7-8/2017
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Georgi Panov
Overview ...  read more

From electrica to invariant automatica (Or how to use the knowledge about Theory of electricity for enter into Theory of invariant automatic control) Part one: System and invariant electric model

От електрика към инвариантна автоматика (или как да използваме познанията си по „Теоретична електротехника“ за да вникнем в управлението ...  read more

Practical implementation of integrated ambient light sensors in visible light illuminance measurements

Modern Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) integrated circuits can be used not only in control and automation tasks they have been designed for but due to their useful additional features can also be implemented at the heart of measurement platforms ...  read more

Non uniform array antenna with three Luneburg lenses

This article is an extension of research on the method of compressed cosines in array antennas synthesis. Theory and technical solution for the synthesis of non-uniformly spaced linear array with three Luneburg lenses are proposed. ...  read more

Modern advances in energy based electrosurgical devices

A modern electrosurgical apparatus incorporates digital mechanisms to control the effect of radio frequency (RF) energy delivered to the body tissue. These mechanisms range from a closed loop system with constant power delivery to ...  read more

Overview of frequency compensations in the CMOS operational amplifiers, Part two – Advance solutions

An overview of several common used frequency compensations in the CMOS operational amplifiers is presented. The advantages and disadvantages for each of them are given based on mathematical analysis. Practical circuit examples are shown ...  read more