Volume 49, Issue 9-10, 2014

Issue 9-10, 2014


Vol. 49. No 9-10/2014
Monthly scientific and technical journal
Published by:
The Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications /CEEC/, BULGARIA




Mario Ivanov, Biser Stefanov
Approaching risk management in IT by implementing it in ITIL 2

Kamelia ...  read more

Visible light as a communication medium – from illumination to data transmission

The fast development of new Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity) technology based on the unique physical properties of visible light will make it possible to build high-speed telecommunications networks with high cell density, compatible and complementary ...  read more

Development and application of induction and resistive electrical heating systems for industrial pipelines

This paper examines problems of calculation of heating units for ferromagnetic steel in weak electromagnetic fields. Such installations are low-temperature induction heating installations. In these plants, the electromagnetic field ...  read more

Network voltage distortion by arc furnace and its mitigation

Electric arc furnace (EAF) is the most dangerous type of load for power systems. It causes different kinds of distortion due to its frequently variable character. Nowadays there are different types of arc furnaces. This article is devoted ...  read more

Sensitivity investigations of second-order bandpass/bandstop filter sections

Three recursive tunable biquadratic sections are studied and compared in this paper. The transfer function sensitivities and the impact of the quantization process of the multiplier coefficients on the behavior of the structures were ...  read more

Resource structure for smart metering systems supporting prepaid functionality

Smart metering is one of the main application areas of Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M). Smart meters using M2M can automatically collect and send data about energy supply and usage for monitoring and billing by utilities companies. ...  read more

Design and investigations of approximately linear phase Hilbert transformers

In this work a new design procedure of approximately linear phase (ALP) digital Hilbert transformers (HT) is proposed. First, the possible positions of the transfer function (TF) poles of such HTs realizations are studied and then different ...  read more

Approaching risk management in IT by implementing it in ITIL

The aim of this article is to suggest a way for adopting a strengthened risk management in the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework which will be based on specific guidelines without changing the framework. ...  read more