Complementary technologies based on use of electrons ions plasma and lasers

Analysis and Generalization of Scientific and Educational Information Book in the Field of Nano-Electronics

In this paper analysis and generalization of the scientific and educational properties of information textbooks on nano-electronics, created from the scientists of the Institute of Electronics at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Power ...  read more

Micro-Arc Oxidation of Aluminum Alloy

Micro-arc oxidation (MAO) technology allows getting ceramic coatings of Al2O3 with composition, structure and properties controlled over a wide range and using them as wear-resistant, corrosion- resistant, heat- resistant and decorative ...  read more

Estimation of Self-Ignited Plasma Density Using Plasma-Based Ion Implantation

Plasma density is estimated from the target voltage and current characteristics of the pulse modulator circuit in plasma-based ion implantation. The voltage recovery time constant directly reflects the ion sheath characteristics, and ...  read more

Spore-Forming Bacteria Sterilization Using Plasma-Based Ion Implantation

A main purpose of sterilization is to kill the harmful microorganisms. In food industry, the representatives of microorganisms which are difficult to sterilize are spore-forming bacteria. Because these bacteria are extremely heat resistant. ...  read more

Comparison of Plasma Spectral Characteristics Using a Plasma- Based Ion Implantation

Plasma-based ion implantation is a recently developed technique used to modify the surface of materials by immersion in plasma coupled with the application of a negative bias voltage.

In this study, we compare the properties of the plasma ...  read more

Preliminary Estimation of Incident Ion Energy by Using Simulation Software (PEGASUS)

Plasma base ion implantation (PBII) with self-ignited plasma generated by only pulsed voltages to the test specimen has been applied to the sterilization process. We found that the PBII process reduced the numbers of active Bacillus ...  read more

Pulse Width Dependence of the Self-Ignited Plasma Using a Plasma-Based Ion Implantation

Plasma based ion implantation (PBII) with high negative pulsed voltage applied to the test specimen has been applied to the sterilization process as a technique suitable for three-dimensional work pieces. We found that the PBII process ...  read more

Laser Scalpel

It is shown that the laser scalpel can easily and without any mechanical force cut both soft and hard (bone) living tissue. This is a low-impact operation with cutting width – 0.1 … 0.5 mm. Evaporation mechanism of laser ...  read more

The Microstructure of the Surface Layers by Laser and Laser- Miсroplasma Alloying

Considered are the technologies of laser and laser-microplasma alloying of surface layers of 38KhN3MFA structural steel specimens with introduction of powder filler materials based on tungsten and chromium carbide, promoting increase ...  read more

Electron Beam Sintering of Ceramics

Results on application of electron beam in fore-vacuum for ceramic sintering are presented. Three types of ceramic were investigated: aluminum oxide Al2O3, zirconium oxide YSZ and silicon carbide SiC. Different ...  read more