Electron beam characterization

Emittance – quantitative characteristic of welding beam quality

The management of the quality during electron beam welding directed to optimization of the process parameters is an important way to improve the use of the expensive equipment and to make the EBW process more efficient in consuming materials, time and energy.

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Electron beam characterisation

Electron beam welding (EBW) presents significant advantages in terms of welding performance when compared to other welding processes due to its small spot size, low divergence, high power density and low heat input. It is recognised ...  read more

Development of a novel device and analysis method for characterising electron beams for welding applications

The quality of electron beam welds depends upon a number of parameters like accelerating voltage, beam current, focus settings, vacuum level, working distance and welding speed. Even if these parameters are tightly controlled, there ...  read more

Electron beam characterizing and its relevance for production

Measurements of electron beam profiles always had an academic touch in the past. New standards and faster image processing make the beam characterization more and more a quality tool in production and allow transfer of beam parameters ...  read more

Automation control of EBW installation by SIMATIC S7-300 PLC

In this work the automatic control of the vacuum and cooling systems, together with electron beam initiation, of the located in the IE-BAS equipment for electron beam welding, evaporation and surface modification by SIMATIC S7-300 PLC ...  read more

SURIYA electron beam program of Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics

The Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics is an organization under the Ministry of Education aiming at promoting physics research in local Thai universities. Particle beam and plasma physics is one of the emphatic fields to support. ...  read more

Multi-element cylindrical electron gun systems for focusing and controlling electron beam

The electron gun plays an important role in atomic, molecular, plasma, thin film, lithography and surface physics. Different types of electron gun have been designed for producing different electron beam energies. Cylindrical lenses ...  read more

EBW application for the manufacture of HEBT dipole vacuum chambers, FAIR

BINP (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) have successfully used the electron beam welding for manufacturing of vacuum chambers for a long time. The EBW facility provides the maximum seam length of 2 meters, which ...  read more

Large chamber electron beam welding machine designed for joining of 3D structures

This paper presents a new design of new EBW machine. Newly developed EBW machine is intended primarily for welding of massive components large power units as well as series of smaller weldments. The volume of the welding chamber exceeds ...  read more

Automated wide-aperture plasma cathode electron source with beam extraction into the atmosphere

The paper presents an automated wide-aperture (750×150 mm) plasma cathode electron source based on a low-pressure arc with grid stabilization of the plasma emission boundary and beam extraction into the atmosphere or high-pressure ...  read more