Overview of gyrator based Gm-C filters and their applications

This paper reviews gyrator based Gm-C filters and their characteristics. The most common gyrator based Gm-C filter architecture is described. Different types of gyrator biquad are presented as well as the properties ...  read more

Behavioral modeling and simulation of digital phase-locked loops using VHDL-AMS

This paper presents a simulation VHDL-AMS – based model of digital phase-locked loop – PLL (DPLL) for mixed-signal applications. The described model is of behavioral type, which ensures in a large extend its versatility. The created ...  read more

PSpice model of a brushless machine operating in a generator mode by converting the inverter in a boost converter

Brushless machines are increasingly used in various fields of engineering, due to their simplicity, reliability and easy manner for control. The present paper is focused on the machine operation in a generator mode. Modeling and simulating ...  read more

Analysis of a current source supplied inverter

The article describes the performance of parallel current fed inverter, supplied with ideal current source. The analytical expressions are derived, basic characteristics and parameters are shown with resistive and resonant load. The ...  read more

A linear converter of strain-gauge bridge bidirectional disbalance into frequency deviation

The measurement of mechanical force and torque magnitudes by means of strain gauges based on a new method for “transforming resistance into frequency” is the object of investigation in this paper. It presents the development of ...  read more

Modelling of step-up DC converter

In the current paper building on the sound theoretical foundation of state-space methods a model for the boost converter is presented. Replacing some elements in the ideal power convertor with their nonideal equivalent circuits results ...  read more

Near-field measurements using low cost equipment for RF device characterization

Near-field electromagnetic scanners are widely used for microwave, antenna and electromagnetic compatibility measurements. The scanner determines the spatial distribution of an electrical quantity provided by a single or multiple field ...  read more

Fabrication of flexible hybrid low molecular weight compound/polymer light emitting device by screen printing

It is demonstrated successful fabrication of simple bicomponent single layer OLED produced by screen printing. The device exhibits high mechanical stability after 400 cycles of bending. Turn on voltage of 5 V and maximum brightness ...  read more

Sensor and actuator nodes for multi-zone demand-controlled ventilation

With sensor-based demand controlled ventilation the ventilation rates are controlled through signals from indoor and outdoor air sensors and so better control of the indoor pollutant concentration and lower energy consumption can be ...  read more

Cost-efficient metallographic preparation methods of electronic components and assemblies

Control of the soldering process and failure analysis are an important part of quality assurance at today manufacturers of electronic components and assemblies. Many methods exist – non-destructive and destructive, each capable to ...  read more