Emil Vladkov

A ZigBee based sensor network for road traffic monitoring

ZigBee is a popular wireless networking protocol for building self-configuring sensor networks. It proves to be both reliable and cost-effective, which makes it a preferred choice for the design of a traffic counting and monitoring ...  read more

A general concept and implementation of a DSP-based QAM digital modulator

The versatility of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) can be used to implement easily various Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) tasks on a prototype board interconnected to the ADSP21061 EZ-KIT LITE DSP evaluation system extension ...  read more

Implementing DSP-based algorithms in digital modulation tasks

The specific computational architecture of a Digital Signal Processor is the preferred candidate for solving various algorithmic subtasks related to high speed digital modulation. Utilizing a versatile modulator board interconnected ...  read more

Practical implementation of algorithms for error-correction and combating ISI in a DSP-based QAM modulator

A communication system build upon contemporary digital modulation principles on a DSP-based hardware platform where most of the tasks are performed in software through signal processing algorithms can easily accommodate existing and ...  read more

A versatile design proposal for embedding and deembedding AES/EBU-formatted digital audio in an uncompressed SDIformatted digital video signal

Combining serial digital video (SDI) with AES/EBU digital audio signals can significantly simplify interconnection, routing and processing of SDTV uncompressed data streams in the professional studio environment. The goal of the presented ...  read more

Practical implementation of integrated ambient light sensors in visible light illuminance measurements

Modern Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) integrated circuits can be used not only in control and automation tasks they have been designed for but due to their useful additional features can also be implemented at the heart of measurement platforms ...  read more