Georgi Mladenov

Model-based approach for the shape estimation of electron beam welding joints

This article discusses a modeling approach for the obtained by electron beam welding molten pool shapes, which is based on experimental data, type mathematical function and regression analysis. The process of electron beam multi-pool ...  read more

Neural network based approach for quality improvement of electron beam welding

Neural network models for the dependence of the geometry characteristics of welds from 38Cr2Ni2Mo high-strength steel, obtained at electron beam welding in presence of longitudinal beam deflection oscillations, are estimated. This methodology ...  read more

Study of Electron Beam Resists: Negative Tone HSQ and Positive Tone SML300

In this paper the contrast and sensitivity characteristics are investigated concerning the negative tone electron beam resist HSQ (hydrogen silsesquioxane) and the positive tone SML300 electron beam organic resist, designed for a high-aspect ...  read more

Optical and Structural Investigations of WOx Thin Films Deposited by Electron Beam Evaporation Process

Thin films of tungsten oxide are obtained at different technological parameters using electron beam evaporation process. Their optical and structure properties are investigated and the relation with process parameters is discussed. ...  read more

Model-Based Quality Optimization of EBW of steel

Experimental results (four series of experiments) for EBW of two types of steel – high strength steel of 38Cr2Ni2Mo type and stainless steel are obtained and used for the estimation of models, describing the dependencies of the ...  read more

Electron Beam Characterization at Changes of EBW Process Parameters

The characterization of the radial and the angular space distribution of particle trajectories (or respective current distributions) in powerful electron beams is an actual scientific and practical task, connected with the quality improvement ...  read more

Control of Electron Beam Welding of Plates, Using Current of the Back Plate Side

The conventional systems for control of throughout welds used beam current, that is passing through the crater in the liquid metal to the space on the back side of sample. In this paper a collector, situated not opposite the crater ...  read more

Ion Current, Collected from Plasma above the Welding Zone during Electron Beam Welding

Measurements of fluctuations of the ion current, collected by the plasma, generated during electron beam welding and treatment of the acquired data with modern digital methods are executed. Through the application of Coherent accumulation ...  read more

Numerical modeling of the plasma parameters, generated during electron beam welding

It is described a model of plasma formation in the crater in liquid metal as well as above electron beam welding zone. Model is based on solution of two equations for density of electrons and mean electron energy. The mass transfer ...  read more

Nanotechnology – the moving force of nowadays electronics, information technologies and telecommunications

Modern electronics devices and systems, computers and telecommunications are developing due to the achievements in nanotechnologies – a new scientific and applied field that uses the application of methods and techniques that provide ...  read more