Nikolay Hinov

Buck-Boost ZVS DC-DC quasi-resonant converter: design, modeling, simulation and experimentation

In the paper work are shown results from researching of a single transistor Buck-Boost ZVS DCDC Quasi-Resonant Converter. Initially an analysis of the electromagnetic processes in the power part of the circuit has been made. All necessary ...  read more

Study of the elements of the photovoltaic system

In this paperwork has been made a study of the elements of an off-grid photovoltaic system for power supplying of telecommunication systems and telecommunication modules. The laboratory model is described. The bi-directional converter ...  read more

Characteristics of an electronic converter for supercapacitor charging

In the following article a converter, providing mutual work between photovoltaic system and energy storage elements have been studied. The converter provides the management of the energy flows to/from the supercapacitor battery. Simulation ...  read more

Comparison between circuits for charging and voltage balancing over series connected elements for energy storage

In the following article two circuits for simultaneously charging and voltage balancing are studied and compared. Simulation and experimental studies have been made. They show the changes, which occur during the operating mode of the ...  read more

State of the art of structures and main components of hybrid and electric vehicles

The main objective in this paper is to review the most widely used structural schemes of hybrid and electric vehicles and their basics blocks. The various sources of energy are consistently presented – fuel cells, batteries and ...  read more

Study of combined heating and power generation as distributed energy resource

This paper presents a study on the possibilities for implementation of local cogeneration and trigeneration (heating, air-conditioning and electricity generation) as distributed energy resource. By the means of microturbine-based generators ...  read more