Other technologies based on use of electrons ions plasma and lasers

One versatile MeV-ion beamline for multiple applications

A versatile ion beam line based on a 1.7-MV Tandetron tandem accelerator has been established at Chiang Mai University, Thailand in a compact manner for multiple-purpose ion beam applications including analysis, microbeam and implantation. ...  read more

Simulation of ion implantation for Si using TCAD

To realize further high performance in semiconductor devices, the development of efficient processes and a reduction in the number of trial productions are indispensable. Therefore, the orientation of development plans and a reduction ...  read more

Spore-forming bacteria sterilization using plasma-based ion implantation (2nd report)

A main purpose of sterilization is to kill the harmful microorganisms. The spore-forming bacteria which are present in foods frequently cause food spoilage. Although the vegetative cells of those bacteria are sterilized easily, the ...  read more

Laser welding under reduced pressure

The increasing market demand for the application of solid-state lasers in industrial welding processes requires a fundamental adjustment of the process technology and the system concept. An almost spatter-free high efficient process ...  read more

Electron spectrometer for electron impact ionization studies in e-COL Laboratory

Various types of electron spectrometers have been developed to have sufficient resolution and count rate to allow detailed study of electron impact ionization process. Electron spectroscopy has established itself as one of the major ...  read more

Training students using presentations at meetings in the fields of physics, engineering and technologies

Rapid globalization requires for researchers and engineers to have broad scientific knowledge, logical thinking, problem-solving ability, and expressiveness. To improve these skills and to help students advance in their practical communication ...  read more

Obtaining of pure molybdenum through electron beam melting of scrap materials

Investigations are carried out applying electron beam melting method for obtaining of pure molybdenum from waste materials. The obtained results are presented and factors controlling the refining processes of metal impurities have been ...  read more

Fractal geometry in metallurgy of welding and coatings

Application of new methods for the description of structure of metals and alloys, the identification of new quantitative structure-morphology tours are especially important to establish the relationship „structure – property“ ...  read more

Testing of the technology of local electron-beam annealing of circular samples of titanium alloy VT8-1 applied to aircraft engine product – a welded compressor drum

In this paper the local heat treatment by an electron beam in vacuum is applied to the welded compressor drum of the aircraft engine made of VT8-1 titanium alloy. The alternative ЕВ technology is described, the method of measuring ...  read more

The actual EB application spectrum and its prospects beside welding

Since the industrial use of the electron beam as a reliable high power precision tool for challenging welding tasks, its properties have been applied to a wide application spectrum in manufacturing and scientific environment. The continuing ...  read more