Seferin Mirtchev

Dynamic queue management of partial shared buffer with mixed priority for QoS guarantee in LTE uplink

The main objective of this article is to propose and evaluate solutions for QoS guarantee of voice and multimedia traffic at the radio uplink interface of LTE networks. A novel queue named a Dynamic queue management of Partial shared ...  read more

Link throughput evaluation in telecommunication networks

When planning telecommunication networks it is important to determine the link throughput to provide quality of services, to avoid overloading and bottlenecks in the network. In this paper, a method for evaluating the link throughput ...  read more

Internet evolution, teletraffic and QoS: a survey of network traffic

Over the last decade, there is tremendous growth of the Internet traffic. The new applications can easily overload inter-domain links, disrupting the performance of other applications using the same network resources. This forces Internet ...  read more

Single server queueing model with state dependent arrival and departure rates

In this article, a single server delay system with a state dependent arrival and departure processes is investigated. The generalized arrival and service flow with nonlinear state dependence intensities is used. The idea is based on ...  read more

Internet Erlang formula: survey on relation between demand, capacity and performance in IP network

The internet traffic is the result of interaction among millions of users, hundreds of heterogeneous applications, and dozens of sophisticated protocols. The internet traffic is much more complex than the telephone traffic and the mix ...  read more

Generalized Erlang-B model in case of state-dependent arrival and departure processes

In this article, a generalization of the classic full availability multi-server loss system with generalized Poisson arrival process and generalized Bernoulli departure process is proposed. The generalized full availability loss system ...  read more

IP network link capacity evaluation by Polya/G/1 queue

The IP networks are the most powerful tool for sharing information offering many services and using many technologies. When planning telecommunication networks it is important to determine the link throughput to provide quality of services ...  read more

Cloud communications: survey on architecture of Internet- based networks for cloud services

The cloud communications are Fiber Channel Technology or Internet-accessed voice, data and video communications where storage, switching and telecommunications applications are hosted by a third-party outside of the end-user devices. ...  read more

Network topology analysis – graph properties that matter

This article presents correlation between network metrics with graph properties, more specifically spectral graph characteristics. This work is in the foundation of network topology analysis based on the relevant graph representation ...  read more

Traffic investigation of priority services in IP networks

The paper presents an investigation of the quality of service of IP traffic flows, using different queueing disciplines. The main goal is to model the possibility of using a priority scheme, which is optimal for both the priority and ...  read more