Selective melting

Electron beam additive manufacturing with wire

Electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) process with a deposited material in the form of a wire is an efficient method enabling the making of component parts. The scope of the presented work was to investigate the influence of selected ...  read more

Application of additive electron beam technologies for manufacture of metal products

The prospects of manufacturing a wide range of parts and units were noted using electron beam technologies. In the work the features of creating such technology are considered using the domestic raw materials in the form of powder materials ...  read more

Advanced technical and technological solutions for additive manufacturing by xBeam 3D metal printing

The electron beam additive manufacturing technology named xBeam 3D Metal Printing was presented at EBT-2016 Conference in Varna in summer of 2016. It was announced an expectation that this new technology can solve the most critical ...  read more

Wire-based electron beam additive manufacturing of blocks and complex shape parts

In this paper, we investigated the possibility of complex geometric shapes thin-walled samples, as well as bulk specimens fabrication by the Electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) method from titanium, stainless steel and aluminium ...  read more

Enhanced process control during selective electron beam melting through advanced machine technology

Selective electron beam melting (SEBM) is a promising approach in the fields of additive manufacturing of metals. It opens the possibility to produce complex geometries and to process a wide range of metallic alloys for various applications. ...  read more

Investigation of forming process during electron beam Surfi-SculptTM

Electron beam Surfi-Sculpt,sup>TM is a novel surface treatment technique applied to produce high level performance Composite-Metal-Weld (ComeldTM) joints. Investigation on forming process of surface features showed ...  read more

Direct metal printing

Research centers and companies have shown in recent years a strong interest in new production methods.

The current socio-economic context is strongly characterized by flexibility, production maximization, reduction in time, waste, costs ...  read more

Prospects of application of gas-discharge electron beam guns in additive manufacturing

Long-term experience of application of gas-discharge electron beam guns in different technological processes such as melting, refining, coating, welding and others has proved their technical and economic efficiency both in industrial ...  read more

Numerical investigation of the influence of electron beam acceleration voltage in powder based additive manufacturing processes

Powder-bed based additive manufacturing with selective electron beam melting is a highly complex process. Determining the parameters for good quality parts is of prime importance. To identify the process window, the process is modeled ...  read more

Electron beam additive manufacturing at the Nuclear AMRC

The Nuclear AMRC was established in the UK as an arm of the University of Sheffield to support industry and secure contracts in the nuclear sector – a wide scope of activities including nuclear new build, plant operations and decommissioning ...  read more