Takeshi Tanaka

Construction of a preliminary educational system for file backup system using secret sharing technique

Information-Technology Promotion Agency points out Ransomware as the second-ranked damage to organizations as well as individuals in “10 Major Security Threats 2017”. Information is stored in three data files separately by using ...  read more

Construction of a preliminary file backup system for surface analysis data using secret sharing technique

We have established a preliminary file backup system to study the outline of secret sharing technology and test operations. Secret sharing scheme is a key management scheme or key establishment scheme invented separately in 1979 by ...  read more

Corporate education for manufacturing (Semiconductors) – creation of a training system and technical textbook

Artner Co., Ltd. is currently dependant on a variety of outsourcing systems that have been implemented with a high degree of technical assistance for the completion of projects. In large scale integration (LSI) design and the development ...  read more

Estimation of Self-Ignited Plasma Density Using Plasma-Based Ion Implantation

Plasma density is estimated from the target voltage and current characteristics of the pulse modulator circuit in plasma-based ion implantation. The voltage recovery time constant directly reflects the ion sheath characteristics, and ...  read more

Spore-Forming Bacteria Sterilization Using Plasma-Based Ion Implantation

A main purpose of sterilization is to kill the harmful microorganisms. In food industry, the representatives of microorganisms which are difficult to sterilize are spore-forming bacteria. Because these bacteria are extremely heat resistant. ...  read more

Comparison of Plasma Spectral Characteristics Using a Plasma- Based Ion Implantation

Plasma-based ion implantation is a recently developed technique used to modify the surface of materials by immersion in plasma coupled with the application of a negative bias voltage.

In this study, we compare the properties of the plasma ...  read more

Preliminary Estimation of Incident Ion Energy by Using Simulation Software (PEGASUS)

Plasma base ion implantation (PBII) with self-ignited plasma generated by only pulsed voltages to the test specimen has been applied to the sterilization process. We found that the PBII process reduced the numbers of active Bacillus ...  read more

Pulse Width Dependence of the Self-Ignited Plasma Using a Plasma-Based Ion Implantation

Plasma based ion implantation (PBII) with high negative pulsed voltage applied to the test specimen has been applied to the sterilization process as a technique suitable for three-dimensional work pieces. We found that the PBII process ...  read more

Applied voltage dependence of plasma characteristic for food sterilization using PBII method

We used the PBII (Plasma Based Ion Implantation) method with self-igniting plasma and negative high-voltage pulsed power supply only to calculate the ion density inside a formed ion sheath based on a modulation circuit, by measuring ...  read more

Optimum conditions for sterilization of Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores using plasma-based ion implantation

In recent years, substantial research into low-temperature sterilization techniques has been conducted. Plasma-based ion implantation (PBII) is a low-temperature, cost-effective technique for sterilizing medical equipment, containers, ...  read more