Vladimir Belenkiy

Neural network based approach for quality improvement of electron beam welding

Neural network models for the dependence of the geometry characteristics of welds from 38Cr2Ni2Mo high-strength steel, obtained at electron beam welding in presence of longitudinal beam deflection oscillations, are estimated. This methodology ...  read more

Influence of Electron Beam’s Oscillations on Weld’s Structure Formation of Dissimilar Materials on an Example Steel with Bronze

The results of metallographic studies of dissimilar materials welds joint’s structure are presented. Welds were obtained from steel (12Х21Н5Т in Russian) and bronze (БрХ-06 in Russian), using EBW with the oscillation of ...  read more

Model-Based Quality Optimization of EBW of steel

Experimental results (four series of experiments) for EBW of two types of steel – high strength steel of 38Cr2Ni2Mo type and stainless steel are obtained and used for the estimation of models, describing the dependencies of the ...  read more

Simulation Evaporation Processes in Electron Beam Welding

In this paper the method of experimental estimation of the temperature in a keyhole in electron beam welding is described on the basis of chemical elements concentration in the vapors above welding zone. The temperature of a vapor-gas ...  read more

Control of Electron Beam Welding of Plates, Using Current of the Back Plate Side

The conventional systems for control of throughout welds used beam current, that is passing through the crater in the liquid metal to the space on the back side of sample. In this paper a collector, situated not opposite the crater ...  read more

Ion Current, Collected from Plasma above the Welding Zone during Electron Beam Welding

Measurements of fluctuations of the ion current, collected by the plasma, generated during electron beam welding and treatment of the acquired data with modern digital methods are executed. Through the application of Coherent accumulation ...  read more

Chemical composition of the weld formation at high concentrated energy source welding in vacuum

Results of numerical modeling of formation of a final chemical composition at electron beam welding with oscillations and dynamic splitting of an electronic beam on three thermal sources are presented in this article. Verification of ...  read more

Characteristics of plasma generated during electron beam welding

Electron beam is at the forefront of welding technology. The choice of optimal welding modes, monitoring the weld quality and/or detecting weld defects in real-time during the electron beam welding process using nondestructive, cost-effective ...  read more